Meet El Dorado News-Times newest reporter

Hello! My name is Sherelle Black and I will be your newest blogger. I am a Bossier City native and a recent journalism graduate from Louisiana Tech University. Go Bulldawgs!! You’ll find my writing is very straight to the point and that my blogging may contain a bit of funny sarcasm here and there.
I’ve never been to El Dorado and I would like to experience the best this city has to offer so please be sure to let me know where I should visit.
I have a passion for blogging so you can expect to see a lot of posts. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them just as much as Allison’s blogs! Please let me know what you would like to see posted (Do the poll on the side) and I will be sure to make that happen.

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This blog is brought to you by the El Dorado News-Times, the Voice of South Arkansas.
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10 Responses to Meet El Dorado News-Times newest reporter

  1. Allison says:

    Good luck, Sherelle! It’s a fun beat!

  2. AFM says:

    Welcome! Hated to see Allison go. I wish you the best in El Dorado!

  3. Ken Hamilton says:

    Welcome, Sherelle! :)

  4. Casandra says:

    Wish you the best!!

  5. for nature: the Arboretum
    for art: SAAC
    for books: Barton Library, SouthArk Library, Jefferson St Bookstore, El Dorado AR Book Exchange (in phonebooths downtown)

    for socializing: Facebook
    for gossip: (but it’s a cesspool too so beware)

  6. The Lone Reader says:

    Welcome and I’m very happy the blog is going to be back up and running.

    I’ll answer the poll but the answer I want isn’t there. Local News, Local Politics and Local Issues.

    Please note the key word is “Local.” There are a billion places I and everyone else that has the internet.

  7. The Lone Reader says:

    Wow, speaking of Freedom of the Press. I just noticed posts here are moderated. I fully understand deleting stuff like most of the stuff on Topix but I’m not a huge fan of prior restraint.

  8. Can you investigate whether the upcoming MusicFest is the 26th or 27th? If there’s been one every year since 1987 that would make it the 27th:

  9. Admin says:

    In 2007 there was a debate about that and the organizers decided that the year 2007 would mark the 20th anniversary of the event even though it is not the 20th calendar year. Therefore making this year’s MusicFest the 26th.

  10. J. Randal Harvey says:

    Welcome! As a Shreveport native, I expect a lot out of you!!

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