New Century and Mellor Park in lease negotiations

Rumors that New Century Chinese Restaurant might be vacating its premises in Mellor Park Mall are right now merely a matter of negotiation, said Sajal Agarwal.

Agarwal, one of the owners of the mall, declined to comment further saying he doesn’t have all the information yet and doesn’t expect to be free to further elucidate on the matter for another week or longer.

If New Century ultimately doesn’t resign its lease on the North West Avenue location, Agarwal said he wishes them luck, but doesn’t believe the premises will be difficult to fill.

“If their decision is to vacate we with them the best,” he said. “I don’t think it will be hard to find someone to fill their spot and I’m confident they’ll thrive in another location if they so choose.”

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4 Responses to New Century and Mellor Park in lease negotiations

  1. J. Randal Harvey says:

    They have vacated he building.

  2. AFM says:

    I guess NT is not going to continue the blog? :(

  3. The Lone Reader says:

    Too bad. I sort of liked the blog. I made me actually read the paper the next day. The entire newspaper industry better think of something soon or there won’t be an industry.

  4. Ken Hamilton says:

    There will be a news industry, it just won’t be on paper anymore. It will be online and we can print out what we want.

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