El Dorado named one of America’s “best small town comebacks”

Photo by The Diamond Agency.

Photo by The Diamond Agency.

El Dorado earned a bit of national cred this morning as one of the “best small town comebacks” compiled by CNN.

Citing the city’s investment in the $18 million El Dorado Conference Center and a recent boom in commerce and restaurants, CNN notes El Dorado has fended off a 1980-era economic weakening to recoup its reputation as “the pride of South Arkansas.”

“Thanks to one huge civic mobilization, mass restorations, a new $14.4 million conference facility and a roster of annual festivals, El Dorado has recouped its reputation as ‘the pride of south Arkansas.’ The once desolate downtown is now lined with more than 65 specialty shops, eateries, inns and the state’s only operating art deco theater.”

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4 Responses to El Dorado named one of America’s “best small town comebacks”

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    Oh, PLEASE.

  2. Keith Owens says:

    It’s amazing what our little town has accomplished in the face of such negativity from a vocal minority of it’s residents!! Almost everyone I talk to who has visited El Dorado loves our downtown and what we have done with it!

  3. Mark Barton says:

    Our biggest obstacle is the whiners who sit on their duffs and complain. Luckily we have a significant number of folks who are working their rear ends off trying to make the most of everything we have. I respect the workers who are building our future and I pity the folks that pout and whine.

  4. Keith Owens says:

    Amen Mark!

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