Spray paint wave puts vehicle owners out thousands

Nearly two months after an unidentified person went on an egging spree through several affluent neighborhoods in El Dorado, a second vehicular crime wave swept through the area with a rash of spray paintings causing more than $11,000 in damage, according to numerous El Dorado Police Department reports.

Reports varied in damage estimates from $500 to $5,000, but all five complainants advised the incidents took place sometime Sunday or Monday and involved their unattended vehicles targeted by white or black spray paint.

In one instance, a woman’s vehicle was tagged with curse words while she was inside Courtyard Health & Rehabilitation with a resident. In another, an El Dorado High School teacher’s vehicle was parked at his residence when he discovered a coating of graffiti totaling $4,000 in damage.

Overall, damage was estimated at $11,300 and no suspects were named.

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