Officials backpedal on FedEx deal saying it’s still under negotiation

El Dorado Mayor Frank Hash may have spoken a bit too soon when he revealed during Thursday’s El Dorado Civitan Club meeting that a FedEx facility would soon be built on Champagnolle Road near Therma-Flite.

Negotiations have been underway since November, however, a contract has yet to be signed, said Henry Florsheim, El Dorado Chamber of Commerce president and chief executive officer.

He would make no comment on the size of the facility, the number of jobs anticipated or whether it would replace the 1908 W. Hillsboro FedEx store.

The FedEx project is in the hands of the Union County Industrial Board which played a pivotal role in bringing Therma-Flite to the area by releasing a parcel of land in 2011 on Champagnolle for its construction. As part of the $1.6 million deal, the city owns and will lease the building to Therma-Flite for five years after which the business will have the option of purchase.

No word yet from Hash on FedEx negotiations.

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