House passes bill to reward whistle blowers on fraud and waste

Augmenting ethics reform and the state’s online open checkbook — both of which became realities after the 2011 general session — the Arkansas House of Republicans passed a bill today to offer cash rewards to state government employees who blow the whistle on government waste and fraud.

According to Arkansas News, the bill passed in a 65-21 vote and would entitle state government employees who report waste and fraud to 10 percent of the amount of money they saved the state.

The matter will now go before the Senate.

Rep. John Catlett, D-Rover, argued against the bill’s implementation, calling it a burden to the state and saying there are always methods of rewarding employees in use.

Rep. Jim Nickels, D-Sherwood, on the other hand, defended the measure, reasoning that it would empower employees to put a little more balance in the system.

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