Mellor Park Mall owners: TJ Maxx could lead to further national business

With the announced inclusion of TJ Maxx at Mellor Park Mall, Owners Surendra and Sajal Agarwal hope to soon introduce further national businesses planning to take up residence in El Dorado.

During an interview today with the News-Times, the owners acknowledged issues of water damage and an approximately 40 percent vacancy rate, but said they’ve been working slowly to renovate the mall and are actively marketing to national clothing stores.

Although they wouldn’t say who — citing confidentiality agreements — the Agarwal father-son duo said several national chains have come knocking with the news that TJ Maxx signed a lease at Mellor Park. In addition, the two said they’ve been looking into the idea of a restaurant in the 280,000 square foot facility.

Anchoring Mellor Park with national chains will hopefully be enough incentive to fill the vacant 20,000 to 25,000 square feet with smaller business ventures, they said.

See more from their interview in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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3 Responses to Mellor Park Mall owners: TJ Maxx could lead to further national business

  1. AFM says:

    Lots of broken promises in the past with the current owners. Although I am overjoyed that we are getting a new store, I am doubtful the owners will spend the needed money to repair and upgrade the structure.

  2. rjb says:

    I have yet to see any work done on the mall.

  3. Chris Harlow says:

    True idk why he even prom

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