Hammer assaults keep EPD on their toes

The El Dorado Police Department has been busy today responding to incidents of aggravated assault at the hands of someone yielding a hammer, according to a pair of reports.

Yolanda Ford, 35, of 923 E. Elm, was arrested for allegedly striking her husband in the forearms with a hammer during a heated argument about his planned move out of state.

Upon arrival, the officer encountered a severely bleeding man who stated his wife followed through on threats of hitting him with a hammer while the two verbally quarreled.

Ford was taken into custody without incident.

The second incident reportedly followed a heated exchange between two longtime friends, according to an EPD report.

Arriving, the officer spoke with the complainant who reported he’d verbally sparred with the other man over a truck the two were supposed to be fixing. During the argument, the other man allegedly attempted to strike the complainant with a hammer in the head but instead hit him in the leg.

Red marks could be observed on the complainant’s leg where he said the blow landed as he attempted to blow a strike aimed at his head.

More in tomorrow’s police log.

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  1. The Lone Reader says:

    Clearly we need to ban those evil assault hammers.

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