Hesterly released to house arrest

After contesting allegations that he threatened his ex-wife, federal authorities and witnesses in a bribery and conspiracy case against him, Ouachita County Judge Mike Hesterly was released Monday to home detention until his trial later this year.

According to Arkansas Online, Hesterly will be held at his parents’ residence in Camden on an electronic ankle monitor. Prosecutors had asked he be held until his trial in March due to the reported threats.

Leigh Adams, his ex-wife, testified Hesterly not only threatened to kill her, but asked her for information about the FBI agent investigating him for bribery, insinuating that he would cause him physical harm.

“He said ‘Well, I’m trying to find out where he lives and if he has a wife and kids because if he’s going to f up my life, I’m going to f up his,’” she stated.

Although Hesterly accused her of lying, an Arkansas State Police officer produced a tape covertly made of a phone call between the judge of his ex-wife in which he made similar threats.

While discussing the case, Hesterly reportedly said, “The motherf*s who caused this ain’t going to be OK. One of these days.”

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