School violence bill hits Legislature

Keeping with the topical tones that have the nation as a whole debating gun rights and mental health issues, one Arkansas senator has begun the process of drafting a bill to better prepare students and educators for potential violence on campus.

The words of the Republican Sen. Missy Irvin’s proposal seem somewhat vague at this point and are no where close to the call many have made for arming educators.

According to a release from the Arkansas Senate, “Training for faculty would include, but not be limited to, how to prevent and respond to acts of violence and terrorism. Also, training would be geared to improving communication between school officials and law enforcement agencies.”

Part of Irvin’s legislation would involve utilizing programs by the Criminal Justice Institute, a part of the University of Arkansas.

Between the two chambers, the Arkansas Legislature currently has 269 proposed bills in the till.

According to Arkansas News
, the Senate has also passed through bills that would restrict where sex offenders can go in state parks, cover administrative costs of court clerks for an additional 60 days and help military families transfer their children among schools in different states. The Senate also passed an amendment to a law that would allow churches the decision of whether to let guns on their premises.

The former of which is also an Irvin proposal.

In the House, representatives approved $10 million in disaster assistance grants appropriations and nearly $310,000 in expenses and salaries for the governor’s budget.

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