Treasurer: “That is a matter between the judge and Shannon and I won’t get involved.”

The ongoing battle at the Union County Courthouse between Judge Mike Loftin and Clerk Shannon Phillips over a payroll issue has other elected officials on edge.

While not nearly as juicy as the continuing story of Ouachita County Judge Mike Hesterly — who was arrested last week for bribery and conspiracy to defraud and today waived a bond hearing — the strife between Phillips and Loftin continued last week with an ordinance that moved stuffing and distributing payroll duties to Treasurer Debbie Ray.

Today, Ray refused to get involved in the matter during a request for payroll records, which Phillips indicated were located in the treasurer’s office.

“That is a matter between the judge and Shannon and I won’t get involved,” Ray said. “I don’t want to be in the middle of it.”

She referred all questions about early released paychecks to Loftin who is out of the office today.

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