Ouachita County judge held due to alleged threats

The government has requested Ouachita County Judge Mike Hesterly remain in jail while he awaits a bond hearing on federal charges of bribery and conspiracy, according to Dave Showers, the News-Times reporter on the story.

Hesterly, who turned himself in to U.S. Marshals in Union County on Thursday, was arraigned in federal court this morning. Attorneys for the state Federal attorneys asked that Hesterly be held in jail, alleging he made threats to several witnesses and the FBI agent in charge of the investigation.

He is being held on one count of bribery and one count of conspiracy to defraud an agency of the United States.

The charges stem from allegations that Hesterly awarded a FEMA contracted job to a Bearden construction company in return for a 2010 campaign contribution.

Harry Clemons Jr., of Clemons Construction, has also been arrested on one count of bribery and one count of conspiracy.

Hesterly will have a bond hearing at 2 p.m. on Tuesday at the Hot Springs Federal Courthouse.

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2 Responses to Ouachita County judge held due to alleged threats

  1. Tucker Max says:

    “attorneys for the state” aren’t involved in the case. It has to be the U.S. Attorneys Office.

  2. Chrystal Weisse says:

    There is alot of corruption that goes on in the Ouachita County courthouse. Someone needs to go in there and dig very deep. This small town’s lawyers and judges have worked together and screwed people out of justice and property.

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