Egging spree runs through El Dorado

Homeowners in several neighborhoods woke up to a congealing surprise Thursday morning when they discovered their vehicles had been egged, according to several El Dorado Police Department reports.

Upward of $2,000 in damage was estimated for the four vehicles egged Wednesday night. Neighborhoods hit included the 1500 block of West Fifth Street where two vehicles were egged, and the 100 block of Timber Hills Drive and 900 block of Brookwood where one vehicle each was hit.

Damage for two vehicles was approximately $500, for one vehicle was about $1,000 and for the fourth was not estimated.

First-degree criminal mischief above $500 in damage is a felony.

More in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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3 Responses to Egging spree runs through El Dorado

  1. Georgie Rhodes says:

    My car was egged that night also, and some of those people listed above also told me their cars were egged too! Wonder who it was!

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