McDaniel admits to “inappropriate” relationship with Hot Springs attorney

Representatives for Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said today despite affirmation that he was involved in an “inappropriate” relationship with a Hot Springs lawyer last year, he will still seek the Democratic gubernatorial nomination for 2014.

According to Arkansas Online, McDaniel said today the “limited interactions” he had with attorney Andrea Davis were “inappropriate.” The two reportedly met while Davis was campaigning in 2010 for attorney general.

“My wife Bobbi and I love each other very much,” McDaniel said. “I have been candid with her about this matter, and with much prayer, we have moved on with our life together. I hope the people of Arkansas will also accept my apology and know how honored I am to work for them every day.”

The allegation was first reported by Talk Business, which noted in a Garland County Circuit Court custody case that Davis’ ex-husband accused her of cheating on him with McDaniel. In documents later filed, Davis admits to a sexual relationship with the attorney general in 2011 or 2012.

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