BREAKING: Fire at Clean Harbors, avoid the area

Evacuations and road closures are currently taking place surrounding Clean Harbors where a chlorine fire reportedly broke out moments ago, according to scanner traffic.

In addition, exits along U.S. 167 South have reportedly been blocked to prevent cars from traveling into the area. The smoke is allegedly traveling north from the East Main location.

We’re unsure of the toxicity of the smoke, but have heard officers advise one another to stay out of its line.

“If you’re in the path of the smoke, get out, whatever it takes,” one said. Another officer told fellow law enforcement officers, “If you have burning eyes or burning throat and you don’t have protection, get out of it. If you have protection proceed cautiously.”

Photographer Jim Lemon, who just returned to the newsroom, said he’s been advised to stay out of the east end of town. Michael Orrell, photographer, said over the phone that the area is too congested for him to get near enough for a comment from El Dorado Police Capt. Kevin Holt.

Representatives of Clean Harbors were unavailable for comment moments ago.

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2 Responses to BREAKING: Fire at Clean Harbors, avoid the area

  1. citizen says:

    Chlorine isn’t flamable. It does cause explosive reactions when combined with other chemicals.

  2. Josephina says:

    Finding your post was beneficial for me, thanks a lot.

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