Significant changes needed to maintain lottery’s lifeblood

Without extreme changes in how it functions, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery could fold in just over a year, said Shane Broadway, interim director of the state Department of Higher Education.

According to Arkansas News, Broadway has cautioned funds are expected to completely deplete by February 2014 should the current scholarship levels of $2,250 a year for two-year colleges and $4,500 a year for four-year university amounts continue.

A proposal by Sen. Johnny Key, who co-chairs the legislative oversight committee, would alter recipient amounts to benefit those who stay in school the longest. Freshmen would receive $2,000; sophomores, $3,000; juniors, $4,000; and seniors, $5,000.

When the lottery debuted in 2009 it was projected to reach $98 million in revenue by the current fiscal year, lottery director Bishop Woosley told a state legislative panel this week. However, gross revenue for this fiscal year has so far been $4.3 million under forecast, he said.

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4 Responses to Significant changes needed to maintain lottery’s lifeblood

  1. Ken Hamilton says:

    Maybe they should pay out a little less in winnings.

  2. K. Holmes says:

    I’d like to knoww what all of their overhead costs are? Of the 94 mil they have received so far, how much actually goes to scholarships?

  3. The Lone Reader says:

    Maybe the increased education that has come from the scholarships have made Arkansans smarter and as they become smarter they figure out that lotteries are simply a tax on people bad at math.

  4. Admin says:

    Their monthly reports have a breakdown of all revenues and expenses, K. Holmes. They’re available at The most recent summary is “LOC Report October 2012.”

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