2012 turnout compares evenly with 2008

Presidential election excitement and a push for pre-registration prior to the 2012 general election led to a burst in voter turnout unseen for the past four years, according to Union County Clerk Shannon Phillips.

Of the 20,086 registered active voters in Union County, 17,160 turned out overall to vote in the presidential election, including 672 absentee and 7,503 early voters, she said.

The numbers are comparable to the 2008 presidential election when voter turnout reached 86.6 percent, only a few percentage points higher than the 2012 turnout of 85.4 percent, according to unofficial election results.

Those numbers could change slightly when under votes are taken into consideration, said Union County Election Commission Chairman Craig Griffin.

Statewide numbers trend slightly lower at 66.2 percent, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office website.

Check out tomorrow’s News-Times for more.

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