Fuel, storm complicate Sandy relief efforts

Rumors of severe gasoline shortages and an ice storm anticipated to land in New York in two days have compounded relief work along the front lines of where Hurricane Sandy ripped across the eastern seaboard late last month.

A photo snapped by a relief worker from within Rye Playland, which is currently functioning as a staging area, shows the tents in which workers are sleeping on bunk beds. Food tents and toilets have also been set up, according to an email from the worker’s girlfriend.

“The current problem, according to [the worker], is the lack of fuel. It’s bad enough that the people who live there can’t get gas, but it’s worse that the relief workers there to help can’t get any,” she wrote. “It’s rumored there now that the government is supposed to ship in fuel to get the workers back on the road. Obviously, tensions are high… and workers are being told to prepare for an ice storm that’s expected to hit by Wednesday, which may compound the problems.”

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