450-pound drum confounds alleged attempted thief

An El Dorado man reported an attempted theft on his property in the 1000 block of Crain City Road on Thursday after he encountered a man “heavy set with sort of a gut” trying to heft a 450-pound oil treatment chemical drum into the hatchback of his vehicle.

According to a Union County Sheriff’s Office report, the complainant was checking on his oil well on Kelly Road when he noticed a four-door SUV type vehicle backed up to the well.

After parking 40 yards away, the complainant said he walked up to vehicle and found a white man standing at the rear attempting to load a 55-gallon drum of oil treatment chemical into the vehicle. The drum is valued at $2,500.

“[The complainant] stated that he approached the vehicle with his pistol in hand because [he] had his children in his truck and did not know what his individual might attempt,” according to the report. “[The complainant] stated that he startled the individual and began yelling at him to drop the drum of chemical and get into his vehicle and leave.”

The man complied, however, drove off with his hatchback lifted so the complainant was unable to read the license plate number.

The complainant was unsure if the man knew what he was allegedly attempting to steal, but said he must have been determined “because it weighs 450 pounds and the individual was struggling to get it halfway into his SUV.”

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