Pizza Inn robbery results in dual arrests

Two 18-year-old males were arrested on Saturday after they allegedly robbed a Pizza Inn delivery guy at gunpoint in the 400 block of West Wesson Street, according to an El Dorado Police Department report.

Germany Maxwell and Jarvis Carter, both of 517 W. Block St., were later taken into custody in the parking lot of El Dorado Lanes where Maxwell reportedly attempted to flee custody before a citizen tackled him and Carter lied on the ground per police command.

The victim told officers he was in the process of delivering to a darkened house on West Wesson when he heard footsteps approaching rapidly behind him, according to the report. Turning around, he discovered a black male running at him with his arm poised to strike.

“[The victim] said he flinched backward as the subject brought his arm around to strike him,” according to the report. “[The victim] said he was then struck across the forehead with a glancing blow from an object the suspect was holding in his hand. The suspect then grabbed [the victim] from behind, swept his legs and forced [the victim] to the ground.”

According to the report, as he struggled the other suspect allegedly hit the victim in the back with a baseball bat.

One then threatened to shoot him unless he tell them where he kept his money — a First Finance Bank envelope containing $254.38 inside the console of his vehicle the two then allegedly stole.

More in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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  1. AFM says:

    Good job EPD!

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