Student group blames SouthArk teacher for lost work

South Arkansas Community College administrators received a complaint today from a group of surgical technician program students who allege their professor failed to send out the applications that would allow them to be certified to work in their field.

The loss is not only the money paid for the exams — which President Barbara Jones noted was pulled the college’s account in March — but potential work following the students’ August graduation.

Valerie Galbraith and Angie Schanzlin told the News-Times today that the class of 10 had suffered a terrible year under the teacher and were relieved just to graduate. However, the exam date for certification continued to be pushed back until the group found that the applications had never been sent.

Jones, who began her own independent investigation this morning, said the teacher alleged the applications were sent and that she’d continue investigating the matter herself.

She also said the college would create a review for the students to ensure they’re properly prepped to take the certification exam. Galbraith and Schanzlin said they’d be unlikely to participate if the same teacher is involved.

More next week in the News-Times.

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