UPDATE: Rain, wind and outages hit El Dorado

Rainfall reports vary depending on the source, however the wet stuff continues to fall on El Dorado consistently with predictions of 100 percent chance of heavy rain through the afternoon and night leading up to an 80 percent chance of showers Friday.

According to a National Weather Service representative, the South Arkansas Regional Airport has received .67 inches of rain whereas the Arkansas Forestry Commission reports 2.5 inches of rain at the office on Champagnolle Road.

Despite dire predictions of hefty rain and wind, Bill Hickman, Union County Sheriff’s Office chief deputy, reports only downed trees and limbs and two accidents as of 2:20 p.m. Thursday. The accidents occurred in Junction City and on Highway 63 North, he said.

Entergy is dealing with a number of outages, according to the online Storm Center. As of 2:30 p.m., there were 994 outages including 279 in the area along and surrounding Junction City Highway, 146 in Norphlet and 137 in Junction City.

More in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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2 Responses to UPDATE: Rain, wind and outages hit El Dorado

  1. United Way of Union County says:

    This was posted by Fr. Chuck Chapman on Facebook…

    A MESSAGE FROM ST. MARY’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH: If you are in the El Dorado area and have no electricity, we have some down here at St. Mary’s (512 Champagnolle). Come on down – we have water, restrooms and a small library where you can while the time till yours comes back on. Bring something to read/knit/work on, etc.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks! Shared on the News-Times Facebook wall.

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