MCSA stats stack up well against state, nation

Even recent controversy involving the acceptance of a major health care insurer doesn’t overshadow the numbers the Medical Center of South Arkansas puts up against the state and nation on for quality of care., a hospital quality of care compiler that allows users to stack hospitals against others, the state and the nation, ranked MCSA high in the areas of Timely & Effective Care; Readmissions, Complications & Death; and the Use of Medical Imaging.

Timely & Effective Care: MSCA falters slightly for outpatients who received an antibiotic at the right time before surgery (94 percent) and heart surgery patients whose blood sugar was kept under good control following surgery (92 percent) — but even those counts are within several percentage points of the other averages.

Readmissions, Complications & Death: In three areas of this category, MSCA falls behind. The death rate for heart attack patients is “worse than the national average,” though neither number is indicated. Blood infections from catheters placed in large veins are slightly above the national average, however, the number of falls and injuries noted are nearly double the nation’s average (.947 out of 1,000 patients to .527).

Use of Medical Imaging: Information in this category is inconclusive and indicates MCSA is under-performing in following up after mammograms within 45 days and opting for more scans than necessary in cases of low back pain and CT scans for chest and abdominal pain.

The only lackluster area for the hospital is in the Patient Survey category, in which MCSA predominantly scores several percentage points below the state and nation excepting the quietness of their rooms at night (69 percent to 59 percent nationally). Despite the high scores in other categories hospitalcompare gathered information, only 60 percent of patients would recommend the hospital, as compared to 68 and 70 percent in the state and nation, respectively.

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