WM3: A year later

The New York Times caught up with the men known as the West Memphis Three a year after their release from prison 17 years after they were originally convicted for the brutal murders of three young boys.

In July 2007, the case was reopened upon the discovery of DNA evidence not linked to any of the men or the three victims. Four years later, on Aug. 19, 2011, Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin entered Alford pleas that allowed them to asset their innocence but still admit that a jury could find them guilty based on existing evidence.

A year after their release, the three are still linked by the numerous films and documentaries chronicling their legal battle and the swarm of support that fell on them during their nearly two decades of incarceration.

According to NYT, Misskelley, now 37, returned to Arkansas where he became engaged to a woman with two children and started studying auto mechanics. Baldwin is in love with Holly Ballard, one of his supporters, and is pursuing his law degree in Seattle. The two are listed as executive producers on the film, “Devil’s Knot.” Echols moved to New York where he wrote “Life After Death” and worked on “West of Memphis,” a documentary of the WM3 trio’s journey.

Scott Ellington, the prosecutor who worked out the plea deal, is running for Congress from northeastern Arkansas. According to his website, he was once connected to El Dorado, where he joined a small law firm.

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