Documents: Old tanks removed from UCAPS 19th Street property

The Union County Animal Protection Society made it past its first and biggest hurdle in regards to the $90,000 property sale to Lisa Owens, owner of Sassy’s, when the shelter received a document confirming the removal of three underground gas tanks that were in place when the property served as a Day & Nite Convenience Store.

The property sales broker, Scott Ellen, of Scott Ellen Real Estate, confirmed that now that the documents have been located, the sale of the one-acre property on 19th Street that formerly housed the For Pet’s Sake thrift shop can move forward.

A letter dated in 1997 addressed to Pat McDowell, operation manager at Day and Nite, which accompanied the documents stated:

“Dear Ms. McDowell:

I received and reviewed the sample assessment results and/or assessment report of the underground storage tank system closure conducted at your facility on June 12, 1997. As submitted, the sample results and/or assessment report indicate that no further remediation of the underground storage tank site is necessary at this time.”

The letter was signed by Trice Ellis, Inspector at Regulated Storage Tank Division.

At the July meeting, Ellen estimated that the pending sale will net the animal shelter $84,000.

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3 Responses to Documents: Old tanks removed from UCAPS 19th Street property

  1. Pat Rackow says:

    You keep mentiong $90,000.00 and then state they will net $84,000.00. What is the real figure? Thats a big difference.

  2. Kevin Sims says:

    Mrs. Rackow, you have to take in consideration closing costs and other fees associated with land sales. At the last board meeting, Mr. Ellen explained all the costs associated with property sales and it was very technical and I’m not really qualified to explain it.

  3. Tagore Lane says:

    After getting through your blog I noticed one thing that you mentioned the cost of the one-acre property is $ 90,000 after it is changed to $ 84,000. There is a big difference between that. And I’m not expert to explain all those property sales…..

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