Copper thefts continue

Copper theft complaints continue to pour into the Union County Sheriff’s Office where two El Dorado men today reported a total $4,150 in wire and spools stolen from locations on US 82 West and Industrial Road.

One man reported more than 40 spools of copper weighing 1,260 pounds were stolen from his storage bin behind a truck stop on US 82 West, according to a UCSO report. Another told deputies someone stole 100 feet in copper from an Entergy substation on Industrial Road.

The reports follow a barrage of recent copper thefts across the county reported this summer. Notably among those, 2,370 feet in copper wire, laced through several defunct chicken houses and valued at approximately $12,000, was reported stolen from a residence in the 200 block of Clayhill Road on July 11.

In a separate incident, an El Dorado man reported $10,000 in copper wire stolen from a total $22,000 haul of equipment at the old GP Sawmill, 5482 Junction City Highway, on June 26.

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