Hills’ Billiards fundraiser brings in big bucks for UCAPS

Following the Union County Animal Protection Society’s benefit concert with Cousin Earl at Hills’ Billiards on Saturday, Board President Sandra Maguire said UCAPS deposited $1,880.56 in donations into its bank account.

Along with the Cousin Earl benefit concert, UCAPS sold hamburger plate dinners and held a raffle Saturday with everything donated so that 100 percent of the proceeds went to UCAPS.

“We tried three different things really,” Maguire said. “We now know which ones we can combine and repeat in a different location in a different venue. We viewed it as a learning experience and an opportunity to reach people who maybe don’t normally know anything about UCAPS but are willing to attend that kind of event.”

So that everyone who wanted to attend the event could afford to do so, Maguire said that UCAPS only charged $5 at the door and several people in attendance told her that the shelter could have charged a lot more.

“Several people didn’t ask for change back,” she said. “We were tremendously pleased with the turnout at the concert. The place was packed.”

In additional to the benefit concert, Maguire said UCAPS also deposited money collected from donation jars at Eppinette’s ($76.29) and Parks Country Store ($37.12).

Upcoming events for UCAPS will include an adoption day Sept. 8 at the Outdoor Expo at the El Dorado Conference Center.

“That’s the only event for sure the board has committed to,” Maguire said. “We’re in the process of gathering ideas and certainly if anyone has a suggestion of a type of thing they would like us to do then we will be glad to look into it. We would like to try a variety of events — some things that will appeal to several different groups of people. Different times of the year, different locations, different events.”

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One Response to Hills’ Billiards fundraiser brings in big bucks for UCAPS

  1. Keith Owens says:

    I’m excited about the amount of money raised for UCAPS and glad that we (Cousin Earl) could help!

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