Report: Well-being on the rise for Arkansas’ children

An annual report compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which ranks the well-being of children across the country, listed Arkansas’ minors at no. 42, up from 47 in 2011.

Released today, the 2012 Kids County Data Book puts Arkansas at 34th in economic well-being, 34th in education, 45th in family and community and 37th in health, according to Arkansas News.

Union County, however, lags behind the state in statistics from 2010 — the latest year for which data is available — showing a county still plagued by poverty more pervasive than the statewide average.

Though Union County’s median yearly wage only fell about $2,000 short of the statewide $38,413 per year average, 21.6 percent of the county’s underage population lived in poverty in 2010 as opposed to the 18.7 percent average for Arkansas as a whole.

In 2010, in Union County, 44.6 percent of all children lived in single-parent homes as compared to the 36.2 percent in Arkansas.

Of the $726,996,494 Federal EITC Dollars Distributed to Low-Income Working Families in the state, only 1.8 percent was disseminated in Union County where 31.3 percent claimed an income tax credit as compared with the average 27.7 percent statewide who made the same claim.

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