Louisiana woman reports husband’s bigamy in Arkansas

Like an incident straight out of a TV drama, a Louisiana woman reported Wednesday that her husband committed bigamy when he illegally married another woman in Arkansas, according to what has to be one of the rarest Union County Sheriff’s Office reports to date.

Though she moved out of her house in April, the woman advised that she and her husband have been married since 2003. However, on July 12, the complainant said her husband married another woman with a legal Arkansas marriage license.

According to the report, the two were married at the Union County Courthouse by a justice of the peace. She advised she has a copy of the marriage license.

The woman said believes her husband and his other wife live in West Monroe.

As it turns out, the report may have some validity as the union between husband and the woman he married was listed among the marriage filings provided to the News-Times late last week and published on July 16.

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