UCAPS could consider bids For Pet’s Sake

As of Wednesday, there are no official bids for the sale of the Union County Animal Protection Society property on 19th Street, according to listing broker Scott Ellen, but he said there are several interested parties that could submit bids before the Board of Directors meeting July 17.

Ellen brought up the possibility of selling the property at the June Board meeting, saying that the current renter of the property, Lisa Owens, showed interest in the property and offered $90,000 for it “as is.” Although the board approved Ellen, of Scott Ellen Real Estate, to the sale of its land and building that was formerly For Pet’s Sake, the bid was expired as of the time of the meeting.

“In real estate, an offer can be made for a certain amount of time, and if it is not accepted in that time, it expires,” Ellen said. “UCAPS accepted an offer that had expired and they have to go back and re-negotiate. Whether a signed offer will be submitted between now and Tuesday, I hope, but I won’t know if and when until it materializes.”

Before the June meeting, UCAPS was being ran by an interim board of Andrew Casculescu, Sandra Maguire and Bette Ann Meinert after the entire former board resigned in the special meeting in May.

The interim board could not make a major decision until it held an official general membership election to appoint a fully staffed temporary board including executive officers.

Owens is currently renting the property at 19th Street for $1,200 per month.

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