Ruling makes it unclear whether state can perform executions

The Arkansas State Supreme Court left prison and state officials scratching their heads today after a decision struck down the state’s execution law, making it unclear whether Arkansas has a legal means of carrying out executions.

In a 5-2 opinion, the justices ruled that the law which gives prison officials the ability to determine which chemicals to use when administering lethal injections, violates the separation of powers tenet in the state Constitution, according to Arkansas News.

“It is evident to this court that the Legislature has abdicated its responsibility and passed to the executive branch, in this case the ADC, the unfettered discretion to determine all protocol and procedures, most notably the chemicals to be used, for a state execution,” wrote Justice Jim Gunter in the majority opinion.

A representative of the attorney general’s office said the decision made it difficult to determine if the state now has a legal method of administering lethal injections and said the office would work with Arkansas Department of Correction officials to find “how to move forward in the light of this decision.”

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