Smith endorses Jeffress for fourth congressional district

Rep. Garry Smith endorsed Sen. Gene Jeffress for the fourth congressional district seat during the Union County Quorum Court meeting on Thursday.

Though he lost by 294 votes for the state senate position he bid for in the May 22 primary, Smith said he felt Jeffress would be the best representative of South Arkansas at the national level.

He didn’t discount the possibility of again running for office — “Once you get politics in your blood it’s hard to get it out.” — and reassured those in attendance that he would continue to work for the area for the remainder of his term which expires at the end of this year.

Smith, a democrat, said though his party might not like it he would support open primaries and professed the “confusion and apathy” of voters who feel their voices don’t matter which would account for low turnout rates during the last series of elections.

For anyone who has questions of him, Smith gave out his number, 818-8267.

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