CAVEman: Part two

Due to the great discussion we’re having on a previous Between Editions post about the presentation given by Henry Florsheim, El Dorado Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, at the El Dorado Rotary Club on Monday concerning local economic development initiatives and citizenry reaction, I’ve provided the audio recording from his lecture here.

Uploading an audio recording to the blog is an imperfect science so please forgive me for and alert me to any issues I may not have foreseen.

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3 Responses to CAVEman: Part two

  1. Ana Nimmus says:

    My positive suggestion is to bring ElDo up to speed for Internet skills and startups, by making low-cost instruction and support available to everyone.

  2. Allison, thanks for posting the recording. Would love to hear feedback from anyone who takes the time to listen.

  3. K. Holmes says:

    I’ll definitely listen as soon as I get home. Thanks for posting.

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