Are you a caveman?

Today at the El Dorado Rotary Club, El Dorado Chamber President and CEO Henry Florsheim touted changes around El Dorado and throughout Union County, including new architecture, road projects and an increase in those working since 2010.

Among those he counted the new El Dorado Conference Center and El Dorado High School, unemployment dropped to 8.4 percent in the past two years, 600 more people working countywide since 2010 and a number of upcoming improvements including gateways, a trolley, redoing Hillsboro with state money and attempts to recruit young professionals.

Those complaining and touting the status quo he referred to as cavemen. So, are you a cavemen or on board with the Chamber’s efforts? What improvements would you like to see in El Dorado and Union County?

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53 Responses to Are you a caveman?

  1. K. Holmes says:

    Suzzie that’s just it though, what many view as complaining are simply people fed up with being ignored, overlooked, and accused of being dead weights to progress. A differing opinion or idea is not always a complaint.

    Let’s take the trolley as an example, most of your avg citizens opinions were against the idea due to the unknown and the upkeep for little to no benefit to the community at large. Anyone that disagreed with the decision was either ignored, or their arguments downplayed because of how it was funded. To me, it doesn’t matter, even if it was free it will still cost us unrecoverable expenses for years into the future. There were options other than a specialized transport vehicle that will only be available to a select few at select times. Mention that in the circles of “progress” and it’s often taken as an insult. An expensive event vehicle in a city that has literally no public transportation, city owned or private.

    I appreciate the volunteers and those willing to serve but those of us that can’t are still entitled to have a voice and disagree without being labeled.

  2. Brian says:

    Interesting discussion on all sides. If I may, I’d like to paraphrase a recent posting Henry made on his Facebook page: “Dissenting opinions are valuable. But sometimes their value gets lost in the manner in which they are delivered.” I think all the issues brought up on both sides are valid. But I think the tone in which some of these issues have been presented can distract people from seeing the each other’s points. There is a distinct need for tolerance and respect from both sides of the aisle.

    And just because an anonymous opinion is voiced on an anonymous site, it does not automatically invalidate the opinion. Some people simply do not have the time or money to attend every meeting, every conference, every forum, etc, to get their point across. Furthermore, just because you haven’t read in the newspaper or heard on the radio that issues are being addressed by the powers-that-be doesn’t mean the issues aren’t being addressed. Some things simply cannot be brought to bear in a public light until all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

  3. jim lemon says:

    How about some more parking at the Conference Center. That way people could drive their own vehicle over there and maybe visits other businesses elsewhere in the city. The trolley would be cute, but won’t last many years, will need lots of upkeep and a driver.

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