UCSO searches Hibanks for fleeing suspect

Union County sheriff’s deputies are currently searching the woods along Hibanks Road in an attempt to find a man who bailed from his vehicle during a traffic stop and has been missing for several hours, according to Chief Deputy Bill Hickman.

Residents have been urged to stay indoors as deputies surround the area and search the woods, Hickman said.

Little is known about the man other than the fact that he is a black male and the case began in El Dorado city limits where the El Dorado Police Department was dealing with him, Hickman said. He is unsure if the man is dangerous.

“Then we got him out here, he got out of the car and hit the woods,” he explained.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 864-1970.

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2 Responses to UCSO searches Hibanks for fleeing suspect

  1. David says:

    have they caught him yet?

  2. Admin says:

    One has been arrested, another is still missing, according to Union County Chief Deputy who advised Wednesday morning that there were actually two men involved in the case. The only description for the man at large is that of a black male.

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