Deathly force deemed necessary in Hux shootout

In a letter addressed to the Arkansas State Police, 13th Judicial Prosecuting Attorney Robin Carroll deemed deadly force necessary in the January shootout between officers and Donnie Hux.

The nearly six-month investigation circled subpoenaed phone records, searched residences and hundreds of pages in interviews with law enforcement and family members present in the hours leading up to the shooting deaths of Hux and his ex-wife, Amy Huckabee.

According to Carroll’s letter, “I have made two conclusions after my review of the file: 1) Amy Huckabee died from gunshot wounds inflicted upon her by Mr. Hux. 2) Law enforcement officials were justified in their use of deadly force to subdue Mr. Hux.”

Contained within the lengthy file is email correspondence between the medical examiner and state investigators who determined by examining the bullets and shrapnel found within Hux at the time of the death that he did shoot himself in the head. However, shrapnel from another bullet, which entered his neck, would have hastened the death more than the head wound.

More to come in this weekend’s News-Times.

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