Early vote results available

Early vote results are available as members of the Union County Election Commission await cans from the 19 polling sites to come into the Union County Courthouse.

Votes remain close for both El Dorado aldermen races between Paul Choate and Mary McAdams – ward 4, position 1 – 93 and 85 votes, respectively, and Tony Henry and Andre Rucks – ward 3, position 2 – 77 and 71, respectively.

For Smackover alderman, ward 2, position 2, Chris Long received double the votes as Benjy Hildebrand while the constable position is currently tied between David Edney and Robert Hodges.

For the one Union County justice of the peace position in the primary, Dean Storey currently leads Gary New 34 to 16.

Other early vote tallies include:

U.S. Congress, district 4:
* Q. Byrum Hurst (D), 99
* Gene Jeffress (D), 445
* D C Morrison (D), 81
* Tom Cotton (R), 229
* John Cowart (R), 23
* Beth Anne Rankin (R), 490

State Representative, district 7:
* John Baine (D), 138
* Albert Glenn Glover (D), 134
* James McMenis (D), 77

State Senate, district 27:
* Bobby Pierce (D), 271
* Garry Smith (D), 345
* Henry Frisby (R), 629

State Supreme Court Associate Justice, position 4:
* Raymond Abramson, 576
* Jo Hart, 609

* Barack Obama (D), 493
* John Wolfe (D), 130
* Newt Gingrich (R), 30
* Ron Paul (R), 75
* Mitt Romney (R), 558

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