UCAPS anger causes boom at EDC

Though Tuesday’s explosion at El Dorado Chemical is still technically under investigation, information leaked to the News-Times on Wednesday indicates officials believe the blast may have been the direct result of the combustible anger still swarming around the controversial issues surrounding the Union County Animal Protection Society.

According to an anonymous source, the frustration on both sides following the termination of UCAPS’ former manager, Tanja Jackson, and two employees, and leading up to Tuesday evening’s open meeting may have been the fuel that led a reactor at the plant to explode. The resulting explosion then sparked a number of sulfur fires local fire departments spent hours attempting to locate and then extinguish.

“The timing is remarkable and quite suspect,” the EDC employee said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Only hours before UCAPS’ membership let loose with their mounting anger did El Dorado Chemical blow.”

Preparing for another explosion is nearly impossible because there’s no telling what next will fuel local animosity, he said.

“What we need to look at now is how do we give these people a chance to blow off some steam before their combined disgust at the entire situation leads to another emergency incident?” he asked.

In other news, officials still investigating the August 2011 explosion at Clean Harbors Inc., in which several hissing drums blew under extreme pressure, may be related to the increasing pressure experienced by students going back to school after too much fun during their summer vacations.

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