Petrino’s motorcycle not alone in bidding process

With the inclusion of former Razorback coach Bobby Petrino’s wrecked motorcycle for bid on, online sites nationwide have jumped at the chance to outsell the auction retailer by parceling out other items of interest from the April 1 accident that ultimately led to Petrino’s downfall.

Also up for grabs are the Kohl’s pleather (polyester/leather) jacket 25-year-old football department employee Jessica Dorrell was wearing while allegedly riding the back of Petrino’s bike shortly before the crash, the Tough-1 Western fringed boot cut chaps Petrino was wearing on the night in question, and what appears to be the motorcycle’s pedal which “may or may not have flown off during the accident,” according to

Collectively, the items are expected to reel in more than $30,000 though the bids for each are $.45, $1.52 and $36.63, respectively.

Neither Petrino nor Dorrell could be reached for comment, however, Fake Goods Owner Pat Catchem advised that the items would be out for bid until May 30, the same day the auction for Petrino’s motorcycle will close.

Fervor surrounding the “Hawg Wild,” Petrino’s bike, will ultimately be key in generating more excitement for “Seattle Sooiee,” “Pig in a Blanket” and “Hot Hawg,” the three items under Fake Goods’ purview, Catchem said.

In other news, the rag applied to Petrino’s injured face following the early April accident is now for sale on Amazon and will be sold “blood and all.”

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