Bobby Petrino’s wrecked motorcycle up for bid

Razorback fans and haters alike reeled this morning with the news that the motorcycle former coach Bobby Petrino was riding allegedly with 25-year-old “close friend” and football department employee Jessica Dorrell when he wrecked on April 1 is up for bid at

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While the Harley’s actual value is listed at $16,000, damages are estimated at $18,000-plus with the majority of the work needed on the front end.

The current bid at 11 a.m. Wednesday is $2,550.

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2 Responses to Bobby Petrino’s wrecked motorcycle up for bid

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    A 2007 bike with just 1036 miles. No wonder he couldn’t drive it properly.

  2. The Lone Reader says:


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