Three reportedly storm UCAPS

On the heels of last week’s termination of Union County Animal Protection Society Manager Tanja Jackson, the shelter was the target of several unwanted persons.

According to a Union County Sheriff’s Office report, on Friday three white females reportedly forced their way into the back of the shelter after being asked to leave. UCAPS employees reported that the three told them they were from a competing animal protection group and wanted to count the number of animals.

“I was also advised that they, ‘didn’t want all the animals killed,’” wrote the deputy.

Deputies were unable to locate the alleged suspects but received a detailed description of the vehicle they left in.

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One Response to Three reportedly storm UCAPS

  1. Mindy says:

    Hmmmmm!!! I’ve been hearing to many bad things about ucaps and I wonder how many animals their actually killing! Tanja was there for me when I had a family of six kittens and the momma. She took them so I wouldn’t have so much trouble taking care of them. I also had 3 more at the time. She kept the momma and the babies found homes thanks to her I can rest easy knowing ucaps didn’t kill them! She isn’t unwanted!

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