Mellor Park Mall improvements up in the air

Flipping a complete 180-degrees, Kimberly Florsheim, of Keller-Williams Realty-Parishwide Partners, said this morning that she will no longer be working on improvements at Mellor Park Mall.

On March 20, Florsheim confirmed she’d been tapped to take over management of the long-neglected mall.

However, during a brief conversation with the News-Times Thursday morning, Florsheim first advised that she’d given the newspaper’s phone number to the mall owner and said to expect his call. She then abruptly terminated the phone call mid-question.

Upon again calling Florsheim, she answered, “Allison, I do not have a comment for you. I do not talk to newspapers. I’m not doing anything over there.”

Before hanging up, she advised that she didn’t have a phone number for the mall manager.

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4 Responses to Mellor Park Mall improvements up in the air

  1. Keith Owens says:

    I hate to say I told you so, but I did!

  2. The Lone Reader says:

    “Before hanging up, she advised that she didn’t have a phone number for the mall manager.”

    That is funny.

  3. Delta says:

    What about the Business Expo that the Chamber of Commerce had scheduled for May at the Mellor Park Mall? Did that event terminate when the agreement with new manager fell through?

  4. AFM says:

    Wow, what a let down. I should have known better. Twenty years from now it will be worse than it is now, regardless of how many people say it will be renovated. Kieth is right, we ALL should have known better. The little hint of a positive thing here in El Dorado ends as most things do here, sadly.

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