Vastly creative ideas headline Elevator Pitch Competition

His eyes on the cash prize, Billy Bob Joe Boon’s excitement was barely contained as the pen flew across the page and he muttered to himself, trying to figure out the best way to describe what he refers to as “the greatest idea of all time,” in preparation for the upcoming Elevator Pitch Competition.

Boon, a 19-year-old Huttig resident, is just one of more than a dozen Union County residents vying for top dog in the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce’s brainchild, the Elevator Pitch Competition, which allots $1,000 in cash to the applicant with the favorite idea during a text-message charged competition at the Rialto.

However, Boon, an avid WrestleMania fan, believes he has the idea to wash all others out of the water.

“Picture this,” he said, his eyes filling with wonder. “A cage match… inside the trolley!”

Still, Boon has several kinks to work out before making the pitch to the Thursday night audience including whether the El Dorado City Council will allow him to rent the trolley for a physical demonstration during the pitch without proper insurance and tarps.

For his part though, Boon remains optimistic.

“It’s perfect because all we’d need is a medic on hand somewhere in case things got a bit hairy which, why would they?” he said. “I mean, come on, it’s inside a trolley!”

In other news, Boon pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Union County Circuit Court to his third public intoxication charge in six weeks.

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