“If he dies you can be charged with murder.”

An El Dorado man arrested for first-degree domestic battery after he allegedly hit his father in the head with the claw end of a hammer was assigned a $10,000 cash or corporate surety bond in Union County District Court today.

Antonio Johnson, 25, of 852 Johnson Road, was charged with the class B felony on Saturday after an alcohol-fueled verbal altercation between his parents resulted in his stepping in to deal a blow to Harvey Johnson’s head.

In court, Judge George Van Hook warned Johnson of the serious nature of the crime and the injuries that have since resulted in Harvey Johnson’s transport to Little Rock for minor brain bleeding and an open-skull fracture.

“If he dies you can be charged with murder,” Van Hook said. “That’s how serious his injuries are.”

More in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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One Response to “If he dies you can be charged with murder.”

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    If he dies of the injuries within 12 months. 2nd degree murder

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