Cole-Sartor lawsuit continues to move

Both sides continue to file motions in the Byron Sartor-Tony Cole employment lawsuit which was removed to federal court in February, according to documents filed in Union County Circuit Court.

Mark Hayes, of the Arkansas Municipal League, which is representing Huttig Mayor Cole, said today he expects to file a positive motion in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Arkansas.

The suit’s allegations which stipulate that Cole broke the terms of Sartor’s employment contract as well as state and federal laws throughout the termination process remain the same. If proven, the city could be tapped to pay $208,000 in damages.

Hayes is optimistic of the chances for the mayor and city — both of which have been targeted by the complaint.

“I think the law stacks up favorably for the mayor and the city,” he said.

Marjorie Rogers, of James Law Firm, which is representing former Huttig Police Chief Sartor, did not return calls on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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