Marlins Ballpark emulates El Dorado Conference Center’s parking situation

Before Miami Marlins fans incensed by a strangled parking situation that has cars overflowing on side streets and in Burger King parking lots, team administrators released new information pertaining to the ballpark’s construction on Wednesday: Prior to breaking ground on the new stadium they conversed with El Dorado Conference Center administrators.

Under the advisement of those whose minds conceived El Dorado’s newest pride, Florida added a new gem to its skyline this month in the form of a Miami ballpark to replace a long-standing tradition of renting playing space.

“The new ballpark represented a new hope for lifelong fans,” said Ken Daul, who has followed the Marlins for the 50-odd years of his life.

However, excitement quickly died down when fans realized that the 36,600-plus capacity stadium was matched by only four parking garages with room for 5,000 cars — a parking situation that irked paying fans unable to find sufficient parking.

The situation reeked familiarly of that in El Dorado where the conference center’s promise was overshadowed by a too-little-too-late parking situation that team administrators admitted today was a reflection of the El Dorado Conference Center.

“We were so impressed with the El Dorado Conference Center that we thought we’d do well to seek its administrators’, constructors’ and designers’ advice,” said John Blue, the Marlins owner who promoted heavily for a ballpark to house his team. “And the stadium, like the conference center, is great.”

“We just forgot about that little parking issue,” he muttered.

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