Good News Gazette to make debut

Fed up with wars, strife, hunger, anger and general badness worldwide, Between Editions made the editorial decision on Wednesday to partner with The Good News Gazette, a weekly publication that features only wholesome, happy-hearted news.

Coating the front page of the GNG in the following week will be stories pertaining to the perfect-sans-tornadoes-rain-or-other-unpleasantness weather, the fact that no car accidents occurred anywhere in the world this week and the sudden end to all warring worldwide.

Inside the cover look for an expose titled, “Puppies: How Cute Are They?” with pages filled with the adorable, floppy-eared mammals, a feature on babies and their interactions with puppies (as well as other fluffy house animals) and a page dedicated strictly to rainbows.

Alongside the new publication, Between Editions is contemplating joining forces with the GNG news station, “Wake Up! It’s Another Perfect Day!” which is set to run a 24-hour loop of photos of all things cute, pleasant and happy as well as commentary and banter by the program’s two top anchors Kitty Sunshine and Barry Smiles.

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2 Responses to Good News Gazette to make debut

  1. Ana Nimmus says:

    El Dorado: not just the festival city… the good news festival city!

  2. The Lone Reader says:

    This will be a very thin paper. I’d suggest you print it on business cards.

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