Remembering the school amid the ruin

In 2008 when Huttig’s elementary school students were forced to join their counterparts in Strong, the door firmly slammed on what was formerly the Huttig School District.

Consolidated into the Strong-Huttig School District in 2004-2005 after enrollment fell below the 350-minimum student requirement, the school district’s closure was one felt piece by piece.

The consolidation marked the beginning of the end and was followed closely by the closure of the high school in 2006, according to News-Times archives. Later that year, the district’s seventh and eighth graders followed. The final nail in the coffin was the decision to close the elementary school and send the remaining 67 students to Gardener-Strong Elementary School for the 2008-2009 school year.

Now, though the edifice still stands and a sign proudly thanks the community for the memories from 1928-2008, the former promise of education within is in utter ruin.

Photos by Allison Gatlin.

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12 Responses to Remembering the school amid the ruin

  1. Pamela S. Daniels (Mathews) says:

    These pictures make me ill. I was the first class back in 1974 to graduate from the new high school. We were so proud of our new school!! OMG, now look at it. The trophies, glass, ceilings. Just so sad. I will never forget my year at HHS, go Eagles!!!

  2. The Lone Reader says:

    An old building in a nearly dead village.

  3. Mark Smith says:

    I am shocked. What a shame! This is the only large building left in Huttig and it WAS in pretty good shape. The gym was fairly new. Think of all the students who proudly graduated from Huttig. As a State Representative I attended several events at the school including a reception for Floyd Cramer who was born in Huttig. Now it looks like something in a third-world country. If the building has any chance of being preserved or used for another purpose- it needs to be boarded up and secured immediately. This is very sad. MARK SMITH

  4. Greg Spells says:

    I started school here and graduated from here. this breaks my heart to see these photos, especially the gym.

  5. Me says:

    Its such a shame that the city has turned into such a hell hole just in the last few years…

  6. Cathy Hixon Phillips says:

    Memories!!! My mother went to this school, I graduated from this school, my daughter graduated Huttig and my grandchildren started at Huttig. Memories they cannot take from us, my basketball day’s, life long friendships, and some wonderful teachers. Some of the damage done to this school is not vandulisum. It was done when the schools consolidated . “RESPECT” , and “HONOR”that is what most of us learned from the wonderful faculty at Huttig, SOMETHING THAT CAN NEVER BE TAKEN FROM US.” On the edge of our fair city standing staunch and strong PROUDLY is our alma mater as the years roll on. Cherished in our HEARTS today MEMORIES sweet prevail, may the SPIRIT live forever HUTTIG HIGH ALL HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. bystander says:

    This makes me soo sad. I graduated from huttig high school and i have so many memories in those buildings. This town needs so much prayer.

  8. rod harrington says:

    i remember covering the story when the school got its first-ever cafetorium, where students could stay on school grounds for lunch. Sad photos, indeed.

  9. Mama Bear says:

    I did not graduate from Huttig, but my kids attended until the 8th and 6th grades. That was hard enough to take, but to see what has been allowed to happen to it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. As hard as it is to take, thanks for posting these, Allison!!

  10. West DeLaney says:

    I miss going to school there I would of loved to finish school in my home town.

  11. cathy says:

    This is so sad. All of us to attended Huttig schools feel the pride that we all had in our school and teachers. Will always have precious memories of our time there. It is still heartbreaking that some people feel the need to destroy property.

  12. watcher says:

    Its a shame.They know who pillaged most of the school.But yet,nothing is done.One of the mayors cronies.Thanks mayor cole for firing our police officer.

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