UA board votes to increase tuition

A vote late last week by the University of Arkansas board of trustees will increase tuition at the institution’s four-year and two-year schools, according to the City Wire.

The increase will run as high as 5.3 percent for the Fayetteville campus and require students to pay $7,553 per year starting in the fall. At Fort Smith tuition has been upped to $5,436 and at each of the university’ two-year colleges, tuition was increased by approximately 2 percent.

UA President Donald Bobbitt cited the need to pay more competitive salaries to the university’s professors. Jim von Gremp, a board member, explained that as the state cuts educational funding, the only way for the institution to maintain and survive is to increase tuition to fill the gap.

A release concerning the increase said the additional money will fund utilities, technology, maintenance, employee benefits and a small salary increase.

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