EPD seeks white man, medium-build in FFB attempted robbery

The El Dorado Police Department is searching for a medium-build white male wearing a black T-shirt, black sunglasses and a black hat who allegedly attempted to rob the South Washington First Financial Bank midday Friday.

According to an EPD report, the man approached a bank teller and demanded she hand over all her $100 bills. Thinking he was joking, she hesitated before he again issued the demand.

“This is not a game, give me all your $100 bills,” she stated he told her.

Then, without his money, the man reportedly left the bank in a hurry where a witness said he got into a vehicle and sped off, according to the report. When she observed him, the witness said he wasn’t wearing a hat.

A third witness, another bank teller, described the man as having a large scar running north-south on the back of his head.

See more in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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3 Responses to EPD seeks white man, medium-build in FFB attempted robbery

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    North-South on the back of his head? Was he face down on the ground? Which way was his body oriented when this happened?

  2. AFM says:

    I laughed as well thinking just what you asked. So if he entered from the east on North Washington would the scar have been running east to west and when he turned towards the counter did it realign parallel to Washington and run north and south? What about when he left? I’m confused. ;)

  3. Admin says:

    That was from the police report. North-south scar was how the officer worded it.

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